The founder of Cultural Hi-Ways was both a host mom and an au pair counselor before venturing into the travel industry.  Cultural Hi-Ways was a direct result of the desire expressed by her au pairs to venture to cities they'd only heard about.  Since our first tour in 1990 we've successfully hosted thousands of au pairs on journeys to discover some of North America's most popular destinations, helping to create many happy memories along the way.

We're also proud to partner with Borough of Manhattan Community College to provide the travel portion of BMCC's Learning Across America program.

Learning Across America offers au pairs a fun, convenient and budget-friendly way to fulfill their educational requirement.  Each course takes you beyond the classroom as you travel to the very destination you choose to study!  Please visit the Learning Across America website for all the details!

Whether you choose to travel with us just for fun or as part of a Learning Across America course, we look forward to welcoming you on one of our tours!